Here is the 5th of 7 DX-World Quizzes for this week only. All previous ones in numerical order can be found here. 

Sadly, nobody has come forward and provided even one quiz question that we could have used this week, so the questions you see will have to make do. 🙂 We know for a fact many “old timer DXers” read this website so are as perplexed as you why no input, in particular, from them. Hey-ho !


#1. How many IOTA groups belong to Gabon (TR) ?

#2. Which is Kanton Island, T31?

#3. How many days, mostly extended due to Covid pandemic, did VK9NK stay on Norfolk Island last year ?

#4. Which DXCC entity is also allocated 8 O (Eight Oscar) prefix ?

#5. What was the callsign of Priscilla Presley, ex-wife of Elvis?

#6. Grégoire Kayibanda held the callsign 9X1A. Who was he?

#7. Which is most wanted of these four entities ?

#8. Which DXCC entity dropped 110 most wanted places since 2011 to present day (the most places dropped by any entity in this period) ?

#9. For 3.5 months in 2008, which op was active from all Kiribati Entities as T30XX, T31DX, T32YY & T33ZZ ?

#10. Which flag is not that of a Carribean DXCC entity?