#4 of 7 quizzes this week is now available. Pass mark still at 60% because the questions are not that easy ! More DX-World quizzes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday then we take a rest 🙂

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#1. Which flag is not of an Asian DXCC entity?

#2. Which DXCC entity also holds the prefix block "TH" ?

#3. What is considered a "Mega DXpedition"?

#4. How many Mega DXpeditions have taken place from the African continent?

#5. Which Asian DXpedition holds the World Record for most QSOs?

#6. Only one DXpedition holds the record for most QSOs on 80, 40 and 17m. Which one?

#7. 10 years ago, the Top 4 Most Wanted DXCC, in order, was as follows:

#8. How many DXCC entities have the letter "Y" twice in name?

#9. Which two DXCC entities dispute Perejil Island?

#10. What is the callsign of the founder of ICOM ?