Coming thick and fast, here is the third quiz of the week. Seven quizzes in total; other four to follow everyday until Sunday. Good luck!

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#1. How many new DXCC entities has OH2BH operated from?

#2. What was the most recent DX activity of UA4WHX?

#3. How many IOTA groups does Romania (YO) have?

#4. What was the callsign of Rajiv Ghandi, 6th Prime Minister of India?

#5. Abu Ail Island is a deleted DXCC entity. Which country / entity does it belong to nowadays?

#6. When was the first activation (creating a new DXCC) of Trinidade & Martim Vaz (PY0/T) ?

#7. How many DXCC entities have the letter "Q" in their name?

#8. Which DXpedition holds the record for most QSOs on 20m?

#9. Now a deleted IOTA group, where would you have found the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State (West) ?

#10. When was the ARRL founded?