As promised, everyday for 7 days, a DX-World Quiz. Here is the second one. Pass mark still set at 60%. 

We’re always looking for readers / DXers to provide questions for future quizzes – don’t be shy, drop us a quick message via WhatsApp (+447718068344)


#1. Which DXpedition made the most QSOs ever on 80m & 40m, a record still lasting today?

#2. Penguin Island is a Deleted DXCC entity. Nowadays, which country does is it belong to?

#3. How many DXCC entities have the letter "Z" within their (country) name?

#4. Of these four entities, which is more wanted globally than the others?

#5. Which flag is that of KH8 ?

#6. Which DXCC entity might also use "HN" prefix?

#7. How many IOTA groups does Mauritius have?

#8. Which DXpedition holds the record for most unique stations worked?

#9. Why is Bassas da India Islands (AF-034) removed from the IOTA Directory?

#10. When did the first activation (recognized for DXCC) from Scarborough Reef take place?