One day earlier than advertised, here’s the latest DX-World Quiz. Thanks this week to Gust, ON6KE and Angel, WA2VUY for their help.


#1. Which island(s) counted as two DXCC entities at the same time?

#2. What is the meaning of /AM ?

#3. Which entity is on the DXCC Deleted List but is also DXCC Current ?

#4. Which two DXCC entities have identical flags?

#5. If I used the callsign L50DX where would I be operating from?

#6. Which was not a Microlite Penguins DXpedition?

#7. Which is closest to Kerguelen Island?

#8. With which country would you associate Tigres Island?

#9. The first ever operation took place from this DXCC in 1956.

#10. What is the newest DXCC entity?


To make this weekly quiz work, and not to waste everyone’s time, volunteers are definitely required. If you have ideas / questions for the next quiz please get in touch