This week, Col MM0NDX who runs DX-World, is on holiday and has nowhere to go! Instead of being lazy he’s decided to compile a DX-World Quiz everyday for next 7 days, starting from today.

Below is Quiz #19. Pass mark still set at a generous 60%.

Good luck!


#1. Which city is furthest south?

#2. Which is Wake Island, KH9 ?

#3. Which is the correct Most Wanted order?

#4. How many IOTA groups belong to Venezuela?

#5. Which is closest to Jan Mayen Island?

#6. Which DXpedition holds the record for most QSOs ever made on 10m?

#7. Which one of these four European DXCC entities is most wanted, globally?

#8. Which of these flags does not belong to a Caribbean DXCC entity?

#9. Your newly ordered radio has gone missing. It was sent to coordinates 37°57N 58°20E. Where is your radio now?

#10. Jim Smith, VK9NS was born where?