Here’s the next DX-World Quiz. Pass mark is still 60%, although some of these questions are quite tricky. All questions & answers have been researched and are found online if you dig deep ūüôā

Good luck!


#1. Which of these four entities is most wanted, globally?

#2. You have a new contest call - H66H. Where are you?

#3. When did Bosnia & Herzegovina start using E7 prefix?

#4. How many IOTA groups in all of Italy?

#5. When did ZK1 (Cook Islands) prefix change to E5 ?

#6. What is the most wanted mainland African DXCC entity?

#7. What is the only EU DXpediton to make the Top 20 ANY MODE honor roll ?

#8. Which is the ONLY DXpedition to feature in the Top 10 CW, SSB and Digi modes Honor Roll?

#9. Why was IOTA AS-052 deleted? 

#10. If T32C (CW), HK0NA (SSB) and VK9NK (Digi) made the most QSOs of any DXpedition in those (bracket) mode categories, how many QSOs did they make combined?