On a recent survey, over 80% wanted to see a new DX-World Quiz. So here it is, and for good measure, the pass mark has been lowered to a meagre 60%.
Good luck !


#1. Where would you find Olonkin City?

#2. When signing MM0MMM/MM you are.. ?

#3. Which entity is located 1500km northwest of mainland Australia and has an OC-IOTA reference number even though it's in the Indian Ocean?

#4. Which is closest to Tokyo, Japan?

#5. Your GPS coordinates say 47.20144521692135, -60.152846576327214. Where are you?

#6. In which country might you use XS prefix ?

#7. Cyprus (5B) is one of only two countries to have its own map on national flag. The other one is?

#8. Which entity is most wanted ?

#9. Albert II, Prince of Monaco possesses which callsign?

#10. Papua New Guinea (P2) has how many IOTA groups?