Here’s another little DX-World Quiz to test your knowledge. Soon we will be able to make a book in this format 🙂

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#1. Apart from W6-land, where else might you find Beverly Hills ?

#2. You have obtained the callsign S66S for major contests. Where are you operating from?

#3. What was the total number of sunspot groups observed in 1958 - the highest ever recorded in one year?

#4. Active as FO5GJ, which of the following was Marlon Brando's radio shack ?

#5. Which island within the OC-046 group did Marlon Brando operate from?

#6. Which is the flag of Sao Tome & Principe, S9 ?

#7. Which is closest to Pago Pago, KH8 ?

#8. On which DXpedition was this photo taken?

#9. Which is the VK9WA DXpedition team?

#10. Which operator is G3TXF ?