Once again, Happy New Year to all readers. What better way to spend the start of 2021 by attempting the next DX-World Quiz?! 10 questions below. The pass mark has been lowered slightly.  Good luck!


#1. Where else might you find Memphis?

#2. You're operating special event callsign HN5DX. Where are you?

#3. What does "QRR" mean?

#4. Which city is closest to Dublin?

#5. Rose Atoll is one of the world's most wanted IOTA. Which one below is it?

#6. Your contest call is P99P. Where are you operating from?

#7. When did NG3K's "Announced DX Operations" first appear?

#8. Which is South Korea?

#9. On January 2, 2021 your GPS coordinates say -23.929, -130.74 - where are you?

#10. Which is closest to Darwin, VK8