It’s finally here – the Bumper DX-World Xmas DX Quiz. 25 questions which took about one full day to compile 😀

It might be a good idea to pour a drink and have some festive food while you think about the answers. The questions range from very difficult to easy.

Feel free to share your final results on social media – here or here

Good Luck and Merry Xmas 🙂

#1. How many DXCC entities pass through the Equator?

#2. What does RRC stand for?

#3. Which is furthest north?

#4. How many NEW IOTA has VE3LYC activated?

#5. Which year did 425 DX News first appear?

#6. Which of these DXCC entities is not landlocked?

#7. Which body of water has no land boundary?

#8. How many French African IOTA groups are there?

#9. Which of the following will host the 2022 World Cup?

#10. What's the (best estimate) distance between South Orkney Islands (VP8) and the Orkney Islands (GM) ?

#11. How many Chinese IOTA groups exist?

#12. Which operator has not (yet) been inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame ?

#13. Which flag belongs to KH0 ?

#14. When did Michael, G7VJR start Club Log?

#15. Which is furthest south?

#16. How many time zones in China (BY) ?

#17. Which DXCC entity has IOTA in both Africa and Asia ?

#18. A giant iceberg is currently very close to which island entity?

#19. Cambodia (XU) has how many IOTA groups?

#20. You become ship-wrecked and start to float. After a few days at sea your GPS shows 15°40'13.0"N 63°37'07.6"W - where are you?

#21. Referring to Question 13, which order are the flags presented?

#22. What are the only three entities / countries completely surrounded by one other country / entity ?

#23. What is the only continent with land in all four hemispheres ?

#24. Brazil (PY) shares a border with every SA country except two. Which two?

#25. How far (best estimate) is Atlanta, Georgia to South Georgia Islands?