Here’s the 13th DX-World Quiz. Unlucky for some?!

Of note – because we are thinking ahead to a bumper Xmas Quiz – please get in touch if you have any interesting, factual, DX-related questions which could be of use. The Xmas Quiz may run to 20-25 questions so definitely looking for a little help. 

Next quiz probably in a few weeks. 


#1. What's the Least Wanted African DXCC entity?

#2. The flag of this DXCC entity is the only national flag in the world that is not rectangular. Which entity?

#3. As of November 21st, how many licensed JA amateur radio operators?

#4. Which one of these four entities is Most Wanted?

#5. How many followers on Facebook and Twitter pages of DX-World combined?

#6. Which is closest to Kourou, French Guiana ?

#7. After a few days without any GPS signal, suddenly your location flashes up. "15.22N, 117.74E". Where are you?

#8. Which DXCC entity may also use 6X as prefix ?

#9. Of these four entities, which is Most Wanted?

#10. How many IOTA groups in total does Brazil have?