Another quick week passes by! Here is the latest DX-World Quiz. Although generally quite difficult, there’s a sure sign that people are improving on their DX knowledge skills within the last few quizzes. Great! 🙂 


#1. Where else might you find North Pole?

#2. How many individual JA-IOTA groups are there?

#3. Which is closer to Noumea, New Caledonia (FK)

#4. Which DXpedition holds the World Record for most QSOs on 80, 40 & 17m ?

#5. Which one of these four European DXCC entities is most wanted, globally?

#6. To date, which African DXpedition has made the most QSOs?

#7. Except North Korea, which is the most wanted mainland Asian DXCC entity?

#8. What was the original prefix of Nauru, C2 ?

#9. Which flag is that of VP5 ?

#10. Your GPS coordinates of -49.57, 69.48 flash up. Where are you?


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