After a short break of DX quizzes, here’s a fresh one for you. It might be slightly easier this time round 🙂 Good luck !

PS: Thanks to Jean-Luc, F1ULQ for helping with a couple of questions. If you would like to help with the next quiz, then please get in touch.


#1. How many Indonesian IOTA groups are there?

#2. In which CQ zone is there no French Overseas Territory

#3. Which entity does the prefix 3G belong to?

#4. Which is closest to KH9 ?

#5. In years gone by you operated as CR8DX. Where were you?

#6. How many DXpeditions in total has there been to Clipperton Island?

#7. When was the last DXpedition to Peter 1 Island

#8. How many years has ICOM been Principal Advertiser on DX-World?

#9. Which radio amateur is the King of Bir Tawil ?

#10. Which flag is that of Barbados - 8P ?