Here you go – the next quiz! The pass mark has been slightly lowered because, well, not many people have passed recently 🙂


#1. In 2017 which entity changed its national flag?

#2. What is the most wanted mainland South American DXCC entity?

#3. Way back in time you operated as PK4DX. Where were you?

#4. The first licensed operation from Albania (ZA1A) happened in 1991. How many QSOs did they make?

#5. Which is closest to Mogadishu, Somalia ?

#6. When did the popular Announced DX Operations (ADXO) website first appear?

#7. Which DXCC entity may also use 6A as its prefix?

#8. VK0JJJ operated from..?

#9. How many of the top 20 most wanted DXCC entities are islands?

#10. In what year did ZK1 (Cook Islands) prefix change to E5 ?