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#1. Which DXpedition currently holds the record for most QSOs in a single day?

#2. When was CE0/X (San Felix) last active?

#3. If T32C holds the DXpedition QSO record (213,022) which is 2nd?

#4. What does BRS stand for?

#5. Adelaide Island belongs to which DXCC entity?

#6. Who was the Godfather of the "14222 DX Net"?

#7. Which was the first DXpedition to use OQRS?

#8. If you were operating as H3DX, which DXCC entity would you be in?

#9. Globally, what is currently the most wanted Pacific Island DXCC entity?

#10. Which one has been inducted into both the DX and Contest Hall of Fame?


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