10 years ago this week, DX-World was born. Initially created under two different names (who remembers hamspirit.wordpress.com [2007-9] or dx-hamspirit.com [2009-11], the website has come a long way since then, but still keeps it’s main purpose or remit – to publish up-to-date DX news daily & free.

During the last decade so many news items have been published that it now runs to well over 11,000 individual DX postings. Last June a brand new website was designed and overall it was very well received. Probably within the next 12 months another new web design will occur. Equally well received is the Weekly DX-World Bulletin by ON9CFG and it’s 200th edition is coming soon.

In this era of instant information, social media, coupled with other DX websites appearing, I’ve personally never seen the need to charge people money to read DX information generally found on an internet search. Had DX-World decided to become a pay-to-read or subscription based platform, I probably would be enjoying early retirement by now! Instead, DX-World is basically a hobby within a hobby, and by keeping it that way, together with having a normal full-time day job, there’s no pressure to treat it as a business venture. Yes, a few adverts appear on DX-World, but they mainly pay for annual running costs and are indeed DX related, and not those annoying pop up adverts!

Dear Readers, I could go on and on about reaching this 10 year anniversary milestone, but let’s just continue to run with DX-World and here’s to the next 10 years!

Thanks as always for words of support over the years. You need not donate towards DX-World – but if you would like to then visit here – any donation is always gratefully appreciated.

All the best!

Col MM0NDX @ DX-World.net