[NEWS UPDATE] – C37RC is now over. Massive thanks to Joan, C31US for enabling this activity! 

Team made 3300 QSOs on every band from 160 to 6m. Equal amount of CW, SSB and Digi in the log. Many recognisable calls and callers! 

[APRIL 29] – Since approx 1100z, C37RC has been active on 17 FT8 and 15CW. We will change bands and modes throughout the day and night, and the same on Sunday too. Here’s a few pictures so far. 

[APRIL 28] DX-World will be running reduced DX news updates for a few days starting April 28 – see all the info below. Look forward to working readers, friends and followers during the weekend. 

[APRIL 7] To celebrate DX-World’s 16th anniversary – and in partnership with hosts Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans (URA) – look for special event callsign C37RC (Radio Club) to be on the air during the last weekend of April.

Operators will be made up of members of URA and DX-World’s MM0NDX plus guest ops EA3NT & MM0OKG. They will operate on various bands and modes in this exciting collaboration.

It was in Easter 2007 that DX-World first appeared on your computer screens and has now grown into one of the world’s favourite DX news sources, updating almost daily with the freshest of DX info.

16 years later, thanks to very generous and most helpful cooperation of URA, the tiny Principality of Andorra is going to be put on the world stage as Team DX-World / URA operating as C37RC takes to the airwaves and celebrates a milestone with its global audience and readers.

QRV all bands, CW, SSB, FT8/FT4. You’re very welcome to call and wish DX-World a Happy 16th Birthday !!

QSL via URA (buro or direct),  LoTW.