We have never truly been happy with any of the header images since the new website was launched last year. Every few weeks we’d change them and again we have changed them today. 

Finally, we have settled upon an idea and perhaps the reader may like to help – especially when it comes to the picture choice of their own country.

As you may have worked out, the header images are of the current top six most wanted DXCC entities using Club Log (it’s amazing how difficult it is to find generic pictures of BS7H and BV9P!)

Within the next two weeks, we’ll then move on to #7 to #12 most wanted, then following two weeks it will be #13 to #18 etc etc.. 

Eventually, it will be the turn of the lesser wanted DXCC entities to feature as header images and that’s where we’d like your help or suggestion. When the time comes we’ll update this post, but ideally a reader provides an image showcasing their own DXCC entity. We’ll give advance notice when, for example, it’s the turn of Paraguay or East Malaysia or Taiwan to appear. 

In the meantime, if you do find any pictures (better than currently shown) then get in touch