Here is the final gallery in the series “DX-World DXpedition Gallery”. It covers the rest of 2020 (April-December) and certainly shows the major impact Covid-19 had (still has) on DXpeditions. Basically, from April onward things stalled with the occasional expedition taking place.

As such, because DX info was not readily available, DX-World also had to kind of reinvent itself by introducing various new features over the last 12 months. This has certainly kept us busy as these features change regularly, and often every few hours. 

We all long for the day DXpeditions appear regularly and life returns to some normality, but we have a glimmer of hope already with the recently announced VK9W & VK9CE DXpeditions. 

We hope you have enjoyed these galleries – all are found at the bottom of this website and will stay there for a few months before we start to rearrange the DX-World website again 🙂