[UPDATED] If we look closer at the next 3 months worth of DX / DXpeditions, you can see we’ve come a very long way from Covid times when nothing was happening! Let’s break down the coming months:   


3B8/F6HMQ & 3B8/F6GWV, 6Y8LV, C5YK, XW4KV, ZA/DL3KZA, 5R8CG, 5R8MM, 5R8PA, 5R8WG & 5R8WP, 5UA99WS, XF1S, 8Q7CA, 8Q7BB, 5H3FM, YJ0CA, 3D2AG/P, TR8CR, H44SHD, FT4YM, TO9W, S21DX, FT/W (Crozet)


P4/DL4MM & P40AA, V47JA, T33BA-T33BB, 8P9CB, D44TWO, VP2MDX, VK9MTO, T88DK, T88DN, T88ED, T88EF & T88MB TN8K, T88SM-T88AQ-T88RH…..and the BIG ONE…….3Y0J Bouvet Island


9U4WX, H44MS, J8/AJ4YX, VK9/C

With the sunspot cycle now taking off and propagation improving all the time – it’s time to make your station ready for the pileups!

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