NEWS UPDATE – UA4CC & LY2IJ travelled by cars from Mozambique to Swaziland. They travelled 578km and are now already in Swaziland with just 22km to their QTH. Radio will be tomorrow (March 8). Today it’s necessary to have a rest after journey. (tnx RW5C)

February 19 — Arkady UA4CC and Arunas LY2IJ will meet in Africa on Feb 28 for a DX Africa Safari

First week they will stay in Mozambique as C91IJ and C92CC and then move to Swaziland for one more week as 3DA0CC and 3DA0IJ.

Daytime – for holiday, night – will focus for low bands, where demand is high for both countries. 3DA0 is #2 in Club Log most wanted list in Asia on 160, right after P5! It will be challenging as there is still rainy season there with high thunderstorm activities, see here.

Logs will be uploaded to Club Log during the stay if local internet permits. QSL – via OQRS, LoTW, home calls – see

UA4CR and RW5C will be points of contact during operation.