Slightly different format for this one: IOTA stations only.

Spanning nearly 25 years, looking back from 2021 to 1997 showing DX / IOTA stations on this Day.

Do you remember working 5K0T or A63DI or maybe 9L1MS/P ?

You can also check back here and see all previous DX on this Day posts. We run this feature generally every 3-6 days.

2021AT7SJ (AS-177)
2020LU7EHR/E (SA-055)
2019JD1BHA (AS-031)
2018FS/K9EL (NA-105)
2017HC8LUT (SA-004)
2016J3/VE7ACN (NA-147)
2015SV8/SV1JG (EU-067)
2014A63DI (AS-021)
2013OD5NJ/P (AS-108)
20129M2MRS (AS-015)
2011LU7XWC (SA-007)
2010VP9/SM3TLG (NA-005)
2009N3DG/2 (NA-111)
20085K0T (NA-132)
2007XF4YW (NA-030)
2006JF6YME/6 (AS-023)
2005IU9LAC (EU-166)
20049L1MS/P (AF-037)
2003VK2IAY/4 (OC-160)
2002D88S (AN-010)
2001YC3MM/P (OC-237)
2000EM1KY (AN-006)
1999BD4ED (AS-136)
1998UA0FH (AS-018)
1997KL1SLE (NA-028)