Brian, M0NSI recently got in touch to say he will be heading off on a rather long and exotic DX holiday. He will often be aboard the cruise ship “Celebrity Eclipse“, but when he isn’t, Brian has plans to operate portable from beach locations using an IC-705 and a 1/4 wave vertical antenna.

He leaves the UK on January 22nd and flies to Auckland, New Zealand where he will join the cruise ship. He is unable to operate /MM from the ship while voyaging, but his tentative schedule for land based operations is as follows:

  • January 26 to February 7 – New Zealand as ZL/M0NSI during periods when off the ship.
  • February 7 to 16 – Hobart, Tasmania as VK7/M0NSI during periods when off the ship.
  • February 16 to 20 – Sydney, Australia as VK2/M0NSI.
  • February 20 to 25 – Noumea, New Caledonia as FK/M0NSI.
  • February 25 to 28 – Papeete, Tahiti and side trip to Moorea as FO/M0NSI.
  • February 28 to March 7 – QRV from Matira beach, Bora Bora as FO/M0NSI.
  • March 8 to 13 – flight to Hawaii. QRV from Waikiki beach as KH6/M0NSI.
  • March 14 to 17 – flight to Tokyo. JA callsign as yet unknown.
  • March 18 to April 1 – flight to Kenya. QRV from various locations including Tasivo east / west National Park, Nairobi and Diani beach, Mombasa. Kenyan license not yet received. 

The above could be updated slightly depending on local weather at the time.