UPDATE – A coupe of DX-World staff members will be attending the 2021 DX Feile and intend to upload videos and photos to both Facebook & Twitter. Look for them on air occasionally as EJ1D too.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021DX Féile takes place during September 24-26, 2021. Attendees will be operating as EJ1D from Inis Mor, EU-006 throughout the event on HF bands, CW & SSB.

EJ1D – Aran Islands EU-006 – This callsign belongs to the EIDXG and is aired throughout their annual DX Convention…..DX Féile. ‘Féile’ is a word taken from the Irish language (Gaelic) and translates into English as ‘Festival’ so, basically, we hold a DX Festival each year, usually end of September or early October.