UPDATE regarding QSL cards for all QSOs made by Jon TF3ZA during his DX Across Africa expedition, courtesy of Jerry, KD6WKY and Jonas TF3JB:

Jón Ágúst, TF3ZA now lives in Sweden. The latest I heard from him, was that he was going to wait for the bulk of QSL cards to arrive for QSO’s made during his Africa 2013 tour, and then have the quantity of cards needed, printed in Poland.

For over a year now, I have regularly emptied his QSL box at the TF Í.R.A. QSL here in Reykjavík, and given them to his father, TF3EE. I know Erling (TF3EE) has sent the cards to Jón Ágúst in Sweden.

Jón Ágúst is a young man, and I believe that he is now about to finish (or has recently finished) his university degree. This is of course no justification for his delay in response to these QSL cards, but is provided here for information purposes.

I feel confident that he will eventually confirm all contacts, and hopefully sooner than later.

73 de Jónas, TF3JB.

P.s. There is no QSL manager and Jón made all the QSO´s himself, since he was the only licensed ham in the group of 16 people travelling together in Africa in 2013.

February 24, 2013 –  Jon TF3ZA will attempt to drive from Reykjavik, Iceland to Cape Town, South Africa as part of a 15-man team of adventurers travelling in a modified Bedford MK truck.

He is in the process of obtaining (or has obtained) licenses to operate from the following DXCC entities:

CN2ZA, 5T0ZA, 6W/TF3ZA, 3XY0ZA, TU2ZA, 9G0ZA, 5V7ZA, TY0ZA (pending), TJ0ZA (pending), TR0ZA (pending), TN0ZA (pending), 9Q0ZA (pending), 9J0ZA, Z2/TF3ZA, A20ZA, ZS/TF3ZA..

Jon explains:

We will attempt to drive from Reykjavik, Iceland to Cape Town, South Africa. Our planned route through the African continent is approximately 20,000km and we estimate it will take us 6 months to reach Cape Town. We will depart Reykjavik (in early January 2013) and update this site with news of our DXpedition.

The operation is to last for approximately six months from ca. 20 DXCC entities in Africa.

Logs will be updated daily during the DXpedition.

Planned route