NEWS UPDATE — Dindo DU1UD informs his QSL manager, M0OXO that due to rising tensions in the area, he has now been posted to Jolo Sulu “indefinately”. This is great news for anyone still needing OC-119. He is hoping it will give more options for targeting specific areas in the log such as NA/SA etc.

APRIL 14, 2017 — Dindo, DU1UD is now in Zamboanga City waiting for appropriate transportation to Jolo Sulu (IOTA OC-119 Group Name: Jolo Group & claimed by: 11.8% of participants).

He will arrive on Jolo Sulu sometime in the next two weeks and is there as part of a work maintenance crew.

He will be QRV on HF using vertical antennas, a K3 and KPA500 PA.

Operations will be sporadic, in between work commitments and at this stage there is no date for him being QRT. He could be on Jolo Sulu for several weeks, possibly a month. His location is sensitive and therefore it’s not appropriate to have an operating schedule.

He will try to benefit all continents dependent on propagation during the times he has available.

Callsign DU1UD/8 (TBC). QSL via M0OXO OQRS.