Where Do We Go Next..?” Often a question asked by DXpeditioners. In 1991 Martti OH2BH published a book for DXers with this question as the title. Now, thanks to NCDXF you can download the entire book. See below. 

“Most serious DXers probably have at least one contact in their logbooks with famous DXer, Martti Laine, OH2BH.  Many have even met him at conventions held around the world.  But there are still others who haven’t met Martti in person or have not had the opportunity to sit down and get to know Martti and learn about his dedication to Amateur Radio and discover what a real gentleman, mentor and diplomat he really is.

Thanks to Martti’s long and successful partnership with NCDXF – a partnership based on mutual trust and respect – we are pleased to recommend and release Martti’s book, ”Where Do We Go Next?” free for both new and seasoned DXers to enjoy”.


*Picture credit: NCDXF