Periodically, 5V7ST has been on 20m FT8. Let’s not waste our time working this SLIM ! 

PIRATE ALERT (DECEMBER 4) – Info from George, SV1RP:

A pirate station operating as SV2RSG/A was active on 160m FT8 for approx 30 minutes on December 4th. Signal indicates the station was actually from Athens. Valid and legal QSOs will only appear on Club Log. 

PIRATE ALERT (NOVEMBER 22) – Info from Zorro, JH1AT:

These days many hams asked me about XZ7A, so I asked the Myanmar Government about it. Today I heard officially from my friend in Myanmar government (Deputy Director General of Post and Telecommunications Department). He kindly checked the information and XZ7A has not been given a permit / license. Currently, there is no valid permit given to ham radio operator, he says. So XZ7A definitely is a pirate.

PIRATE ALERT (SEPTEMBER 12) – Info by Mike, KK7ER regarding a fake ZD9PR.

Last Thursday, September 9, the ZD9PR station answered my CQ at 17m / ft8. I have consulted DX bulletins, databases etc and have not found any information. Don’t waste your time, it’s a PIRATE station. If he calls you or you hear him … IGNORE.

PIRATE ALERT (SEPTEMBER 6) — Another report of a pirate operation has been received. This time a bogus 4S7EA as reported by Ron, VK4NRO.

Please note that according to DX Clusters, a pirate using the call 4S7EA has been working on the bands lately. My old friend and former countrymen Ernest 4S7EA became a silent key a few years ago, and as such, I request everyone to be alert to the fact that anyone using the above call is undoubtedly a pirate.

PIRATE ALERT (AUGUST 18) — Don’t waste your time! This could be said for certain other stations, but this is in relation to a recent fake ZD9BV activity. Zorro, JH1AJT explains below:

From around 23:00Z on August 16th until 01:00Z of the 17th, I saw “ZD9BV” was on the air, but I confirm it was a pirate. My friend Pierre ZS1HF / ZD9M kindly asked Andy ZD9BV directly, and he told that him that he’s not been on air these days. Andy’s now at his home in South Africa (ZS) and is busy with house renovations. This was a Pirate on FT8 ! 

The real ZD9BV is listed here

Note: We will keep this post updated with new Pirate reports, so if you hear or work a Bootleg let us know.