• Message from Chris DL1MGB

“Hello DXers all over the world!

This time I am not announcing a new DXpedition (don’t worry, the planning for the next one has already started). This time I want to bring to your attention a campaign which a colleague of mine (Tobias Höher) and I initiated.

We are going to participate in the Dodentocht which takes place on August 9th, 2013 around the city of Bornem in Belgium. The Dodentocht is a 100 km hike which has to be finished by foot in minimum 10 and maximum 24 hours.

100 km or 24 hours can get very long, and we will definitely have our low points. So we decided to find as many supporters as possible who are willing to donate a pre-determined amount of money for every kilometre travelled. These donations will go 100% to the Kinderkrebshilfe Berchtesgadener Land und Traunstein e.V. (Childern’s Cancer Aid), an incorporated society with a lot of voluntary helpers. They are giving advise, help and financial support not only to children having cancer, but also to children and teenagers whose parents suffer from cancer or already died as a result of cancer.

What has this to do with DXing?

At first glance nothing. I will not carry any radio with me giving out “ON” to the deserving. But going on a DXpedition is not only about taking a plane or boat, going to a remote place, sit there and work pile-ups. The work around it (carrying equipment, building antennas and stations and even sitting in front of the radio with 45 °C inside the tent) can be physically demanding. So if you don’t want to fail, you have to be fit. And my way to stay fit is: Walking.

What can you do?

You may come to Belgium. We still need some cheerleaders for the second 50 km 🙂 But mainly we need support for our campaign with your kind donations. The most interesting way is to make your donation dependent on how far we will go at the Dodentocht.

Just go to http://www.100-km.org/ and learn more about our campaign and register to commit your willingness to donate.

73 Chris DL1MGB