NEWS UPDATE – Thanks to Vasco’s friend, Francisco F4VSE (CT7AJM) here’s a fresh update regarding D2ACE activity:

He is using 100W from a professional/commercial HF transceiver, the VERTEX Standard VX-1400. The antenna system is a Yaesu YA007FG Multiband HF vertical antenna (40m to 6m) with a Yaesu FC-40 antenna tuner. He is currently still using paper logs, but he told me that he is working to switch into electronic logs with possibly QSL confirmation also via LoTW. He successfully tested everything last weekend with “OK” results: although conditions were not the best (strong QSB+QRM), he managed to get two huge pileups on 17m SSB and a big headache!
  • Pictures for DX-World readers:

OCTOBER 10, 2021 – After a 5.5 year absence, Vasco CS7ACE is again active from Luanda, Angola as D2ACE. Activity started yesterday (October 9). Check 17m SSB when Vasco has free time.