[NEWS UPDATE] by team – We are running 2 stations non-stop; walking distance from base is always climbing for about 30 minutes. Be aware that we are in on island with a “population” of 4 people and thousands of birds, so do not expect us to have conditions to upload the log more than 2 or 3 times a day… please be patient and enjoy. We came to the Selvagem Grande with the support of the Portuguese Navy and we are being assisted by the nature guides and the maritime police.

Credit: Team CR3SI

[SEPTEMBER 23] – Due to re-scheduled transport by the Portuguese Navy, the DXpedition will be delayed 2 days, now starting on the 23rd of September. The team plan to keep transmitting as long as possible until their departure which is scheduled for noon (local) on the 26th (tnx CT1DSV). 

[AUGUST 31] Jorge CT1BOL, Jose CT1DSV, Antonio CT1ENV, Ricardo CT3KN and Jose CT3MD will be active from Selvagem Grande, AF-047 as CR3SI during September 21-25. QRV on HF bands; CW, SSB & FT8. [more here]