On June 6 & 7 over 6000 worldwide participants made the COVID-19 Radio Communication Event a great success. While the logs are still coming in (over 800 at this time) some interesting statistics have already surfaced.

The number of countries that participated in the event is more than 120 and the total number of participants was a lot higher than expected. Ten OH*STAYHOME stations with 45 operators resulted 29.039 QSOs. (STAYHOME OH Total 132.000). The STAYHOME category was won by ZW5STAYHOME with 4050 QSOs followed not far behind by OH1STAYHOME with 3797 QSOs. The highest Single Operator category score is still unknown at this time as the logs are still coming in. Several high scorer WRTC operators were participating, even the winner LY9A.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is in different phases in different countries, this is not the finish of the STAYHOME campaign as only parts of EU and NA are slowly taking steps towards a normal life. We all pray to God for those areas and countries that are still suffering in the hands of this unfortunate virus. We are unified as one to help one to another – people and countries!

The final report for the June 6 & 7 event will be released in a few weeks and it will be followed by a lottery for the great prizes provided by the event organizers and Yaesu Musen Co. Details on the prizes are available here: To apply for your awards please follow the guidelines published here:

Please make sure you email your logs before the deadline of June 15, 2020 to: [email protected]


The COVID-19 Radio Communication Event was a global virtual Amateur Radio gathering, passing well-being messages among radio operators worldwide thus sharing the airwaves during this unfortunate global COVID-19 pandemic and promoting a sense of belonging and mental health. It was not a contest although it was conducted in a contest-like fashion.

The event organizers are DX-ers and contesters who along with a variety of organizations and supporters were able to keep the airwaves alive together with the entire ham radio community. The STAYHOME campaign is ever grateful to all who supported the organizers’ main mission of being active on the radio during these difficult times.

More details about this event could be found here: https://www.qrz.com/db/OH2STAYHOME

Sincere regards,

Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL), Araucaria DX Group (ARDXG) and Radio Arcala (OH8X)

COVID-19 Radio Communication Event Organizers:

Champ, E21EIC, Adrian, KO8SCA, Martti, OH2BH, Ville, OH2MM and Oms, PY5EG