We’ve read just about every comment on social media, and on this website regarding ham radio and the war in Ukraine. Comments about politics, contesting, broken friendships, hate/love/hope/peace etc. You name it we’ve read it, and continue to. 

Therein, however, still lies two points which have not been addressed or discussed in our view:

1/ When we read “Keep Politics of Ham Radio” are people seriously suggesting Putin’s deadly war in Ukraine is political? A bloody war is not political, right?

2/ We are still perplexed why, to our eyes, apparently NOT ONE Russian radio amateur has come out and condemned this war. Not one that we know of. We don’t know if that’s because they are being fed different propaganda to the West, or simply they are afraid to speak out, or perhaps it’s a case they do agree with Putin’s war? We don’t know because nobody from Russia is commenting too much. 

Ultimately, world perception on many fronts has changed in the last few weeks and Ham Radio has been swept along with it. 

Yours in peace,