Following the recent announcement of DX World – DXpedition of the Year both team leaders of K9W and TX5K personally thank those who voted:

Lou, N2TU, expedition leader of K9W says:

What an honor to be voted the 2013 Dxpedition of the year…words cannot express the feeling.

There was a tremendous amount of effort devoted to this Dxpedition…we were surrounded by good friends, talented and determined operators, generous Foundations, Club and individual support and the encouragement by the worldwide ham community…

Thank you…everyone….

73, Lou N2TU Team Leader – Wake 2013 Commemoration of the Forgotten 98

Bob, KK6EK, expedition leader of TX5K says:

The TX5K team also feels very honored to follow the great K9W operation.

The 2013 Clipperton DXpedition faced quite a challenge, following only 5 years after the last (also great) activation by John N7CQQ and his TX5C team. The TX5K operation was successful (114k QSOs) due to the superb radio facilities assembled and shipped by the European team members, and the excellent campsite facilities, assembled and shipped by the U.S. team members. We are also very grateful for major support from W6OP, N7XG, N6BC, AD6E, and KY6R to enable the successful use of DXA, so you could get instant confirmation of your QSO. We are also grateful for the generous support from many organizations and thousands of DXers, in particular Zorro JH1AJT, who enabled us to do it on time and within budget. Finally, I give my personal congratulations and appreciation to all the TX5K team members.

Thanks to all who helped make it happen…

Bob KK6EK – Organizer and Expedition Leader for TX5K

Ant, IZ8CCW expedition leader of S21ZBB/ZBC says:

The S21ZBB/ZBC team is very happy to finish 3rd position. We are satisfactory for our commitment. Thanks to all who helped make it happen.

73’s Ant IZ8CCW