The DXpedition is an opportunity for radio amateurs of all grades to participate in both a contesting environment and also general DX operations from a remote location in the Indian Ocean. The Cocos (Keeling) Island group lies approximately half way between Perth and Sri Lanka, approximately 900 km south west of Christmas Island and is a territory of Australia.

The DXpedition is planned for active radio operations over the two week period from 20th September to the 4th October, 2016 (inclusive) and is planned to coincide with the CQ WW RTTY contest, and also the SSB voice segment of the 2016 Oceania DX competition.

Planned as a low cost exercise utilising highly portable antennas and radios, the DXpedition will be manned by a relatively small team of about 8 radio operators. Current budget estimates suggest a place on the team will cost approx AUD $2,100 each which includes airfares, shared accommodation and the shared use of a hire car.

Between periods of active competition, the team schedule will allow for opportunities for team members to explore the islands and participate in the tourist activities available at the Cocos Islands. At times of competition, all members will be expected to be actively engaged with radio operations which will be managed under a team roster system.

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