[UPDATE] – Now CO0RRC DXpedition is over, team member James KB2FMH wrote a story all about the adventure and it can be downloaded here. There’s also some videos posted here.

[APRIL 20] Members of the Russian Robinson Club will be active with special call CO0RRC from Cayo Coco Island, NA-086 during 24 April – 4 May 2023.

  • Operators: CO8ZZ, CO2XN, KB2FMH, N3QQ, OK8AU, R9LR, UA9OBA
  • Radios: Expert Electronics SunSDR2PROx2, IC705, IC756PRO3, IC746
  • Power 5x 1kw amplifiers Expert Linears x3 and Juma PA-1000 x2
  • Antennas: 5el yagi for 6m, VDA 10/12/17/20m, 30/40/80 and 160m 1/4 wave. Triplexers, Fourplexes, low and high power filters.
  • Bands 6-160m (60m is not licensed) and satellites
  • Modes CW/SSB, FT8/FT4
  • QSL via N7RO and RW3RN for EW and RU stations
  • Club Log, LoTW
  • Website 

Livestream @ Club Log if reliable internet access is available.