UPDATE: Vlad sends some images of his stay on SA-064 with a further update on ET’s.

“I have spoken to a few more people here. A nurse, been here for almost 35 years, had quite some stories. She said that one time when on the radio talking to another medical center, a round object appeared from above lowering with a very bright round spotlight right behind the medical centre of where she works. Another time, when she was at the same center in the middle of the night, it all turned bright like daylight, and a “saucer” hung right on top of the building. She also remembered how about 8 years ago “round saucer ship” landed in the middle of the road, blocking traffic and people just thought it was another “gadget” from the government, so they drove around bypassing it. When the “ship” took off it left a circle of burned land a couple of meters in diameter.

They also told me of strange incidents when boats going very short distances disappeared. I have every reason to believe them as the way they tell and circumstances related to it makes me think it has lots of truth to it.

And the last, when we showed up in a remote area of the island with Irina, children ran away hiding, probably taking us for other stranded ETs.”

January 27 – Continuing his Chilean IOTA tour, Vlad UA4WHX is now QRV from Puerto Aguirre, Las Huichas Group SA-064 as CE7/UA4WHX/A.

Vlad updates readers with the following:

We are on SA-064, Puerto Aguirre. The area is well known for Extra Terrestrian encounters and stories. A lot of it appears to be true! Many come here looking for ETs as they are believed to be able to cure the incurable. Few succeed in locating them..

I  heard a story from a  doctor here who once had three strange men knocking  on his door early in the morning seeking medical assistance. They were tall, about 2 meters, blond and were untypically and unlocally polite. Once the medical problem was treated they left and said that they would see each other later.

The doctor knew all coastal guards on the island and contacted them immediately as soon as visitors left. No people of this type, no boat  at all was seen or reported this or previous day.

Locals are normally reluctant to share the stories of such encounters. Find out more on an internet search of Friendship Island.