FEBRUARY 6 @ 13:41z – CB0Z now QRT.

FEBRUARY 5 @ 20:41z – The team has made about 1200 QSOs and contacted stations in 5 continents. Tonight they will continue on 40m SSB and 30m CW (maybe in FT8). 15m, 17m and 20m are dead.

FEBRUARY 4 @ 13:48z – CB0Z will go QRT on February 6th.

FEBRUARY 3 @ 22:18z – It was reported they have loud noise caused by local fishermen’s generators which will apparently shut down at 03:00z. The team will be on air from 03:00z on February 4, but hope to be earlier.

FEBRUARY 3 @ 20:05z – The team expect to be on air at 20:15z on 30m CW and at 20:30z on 20m or 40m SSB.

FEBRUARY 3, 2020 @ 15:45z – The team has landed on the island, the navigation has been rough, they will start the activity in the evening, European time, stay tuned.

FEBRUARY 2, 2020 – Mike and Nando on their way to Alejandro Selkirk island. Expected arrival approx 09:00 – 11:00z on February 3rd.

FEBRUARY 1, 2020 – The team landed in Juan Fernandez, the WX is good and the ocean waves are decreasing. Sunday 2 February at 22:00z they will leave from the port of Juan Fernandez to reach Alejandro Selkirk island, the landing on the island is scheduled for Monday 3 February morning.

JANUARY 31, 2020 – Both ops now in Santiago, Chile.

On January 12th, DX-World first made reference to an IOTA DXpedition to Alejandro Selkirk Island, SA-101NEW. Today, we can reveal more info.

Nando, IT9YRE and Mike, K9AJ hope to be active from Alejandro Selkirk Island (SA-101NEW) during February 3-5, 2020 as CB0Z. QRV on CW/SSB; 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15m. Possibly FT8. Vertical antennas with 2 stations. [more]