Thursday, April 2, 2020

CQWW CW 2019

Good luck to all participants. A consolidated listing of stations taking part in the contest this weekend can be found here

ZA/IZ7GXB – Albania

Costa, IZ7GXB will be active holiday-style from Durres, Albania as ZA/IZ7GXB between August 26-30, 2016. QRV on HF bands + 6m. QSL via H/c.


Klaus, DL7UXG, Friedrich, DL4BBH and Ric, DL2VFR, will take the ferry from Denmark on September 12th and should arrive on the east coast of Iceland September 15th. On a short stop (September 14th) they...

DX-World Flag/T-shirt Gallery

It's become very apparent over the years that many operators or teams have a DX-World flag / or t-shirt on their possession and decide to take pictures. Unfortunately, until now, I did not keep...

FT5ZM to present at GMDX Convention

In what will be a European first, GMDX Group are delighted to announce that a presentation will be given on the FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition, by team leader, Ralph K0IR, on Saturday, April 12,...

SV2/YL7A – Mt Athos

UPDATE Latest info from the team: May 21, 2015 07:27 GMT: Expedition cancelled. Team is returning home Here is the Website which was promised to be available had activity been possible. Kostas SV1DPI informs DX-World readers that today...

SV2RSG/A – Mt Athos

NEWS UPDATE - The next Mt Athos activity from Monk Iakovos (SV2RSG/A) should be on or around December 1st. A dipole for 80 & 160m is planned for then. Currently he...

HV0A – Vatican City

Francesco, IK0FVC will be active from the Vatican City as HV0A during the upcoming ARRL DX SSB contest weekend. QSL via LoTW.

[UPDATE] RK3SWB/1 – IOTA EU-117 activity

Following info was posted on and translated below: Dates – July 20 to July 31, 2019 Team: Vasily (RU3SD), Vasily (RA1ZZ) and Avinir (UA1ZZ) Callsign: RK3SWB/1, in the RSGB IOTA Contest – personal callsign ../ RDA region...

ZA/IK7JWX – Sazan Isl, EU-169

JUNE 6, 2017 - Expedition cancelled due to family illness. Alfredo, IK7JWX & friends will be active from Sazan Island EU-169 as ZA/IK7JWX between June 10-20, 2017. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c.

Ham Radio in Turkey

Currently lots of misinformation circulated around the internet with regards ham radio licenses in Turkey being revoked following the recent attempted military coup in that country. It's not true. Here's some quotes from informed...

ZA/OE6TQG – Albania

Franz, OE6TQG will be active from Lake Shkodral, Albania as ZA/OE6TQG during September 6-17, 2020. QRV all bands, all modes; 100w & dipole. QSL via H/c.

TF/G3ZAY & TF/M0HSW – Heimay Isl, EU-071

Martin, G3ZAY and Hugo, M0HSW plan to be active from Heimaey, Westman Islands, EU-071 on Saturday June 14th. Look for TF/G3ZAY and TF/M0HSW on HF bands. QSL via their home calls. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

QSL preview – RK1O/p, EU-161

And excellent video  

Invoker Team news

Operators from the Invoker Team, specialising in activating rare or difficult to access islands, will QRV from an English IOTA during early May as MX0INT, weather permitting. More details to follow. Follow us on twitter @Invoker_Team

F/GM0GAV – Cezembre Island EU-157

Gav, GM0GAV plans activity tomorrow (August 4th) from Cezembre Island EU-157 between 12:00 to 17:00z. QRV on CW (low power). QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

MM8C – IOTA DXpedition to St Kilda, EU-059

Members of the Cray Valley Radio Society will be mounting an IOTA DXpedition to Hirta, St Kilda EU-059 between July 22-28, 2015. Seven ops in total, QRV on HF/VHF. IOTA contest included. QSL via G4DFI. Note: Dates subject...

SL1FRO/LU4DXU – Gotland Island, EU-020

Henry, LU4DXU will be active from Gotland Island EU-020 as SL1FRO/LU4DXU (correct call) between June 28 to July 8, 2017. QRV on HF bands. QSL via LU4DXU.

CU2/SP7VC – Azores

Mek, SP7VC informs DX-World that he will be active from the Azores as CU2/SP7VC between December 27 to January 3. He will be taking an IC-7300 + PA. Verticals for 40-10m and Inv–L for...