Saturday, April 4, 2020

The E44CC DXpedition Video

February 2020 DXpedition to PALESTINE by F6KOP team. - Website:  Facebook:

8Q7VR – Maldives

Ivan, UR9IDX is currently active from Naifaru island, Maldives as 8Q7VR. Activity on 80m CW so far. QSL via EA5EL.

8Q7HK – Maldives

Hiro, JG1SXP will be active as 8Q7HK from North Male atoll, Maldives during February 19-24, 2020. QRV on 80-15m possibly 160m; FT8, CW some SSB. QSL route to follow.

[QRT] E44CC – Palestine DXpedition

FEBRUARY 16 @ 13:50 UTC - E44CC DXpedition is now finished. The team did, in the end, make over 50K QSOs. FEBRUARY 16 @ 11:00 UTC - The 5th station could be repaired. We’re still...

ZC4RH – UK Sovereign Base Areas, Cyprus

Robert, G4WXJ will be active from UK Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus as ZC4RH during February 4-13, 2020. QRV on CW/SSB and possibly FT8. QSL via H/c.

3W2MAE – Vietnam

Wolfgang DL5MAE will again be active from Phan Thiet, Vietnam as 3W2MAE during February 13-20, 2020. QRV on HF; CW/SSB. QSL via H/c.

JA8COE/0 – Sado Island AS-206

Take, JA8COE will be active from Sado Island AS-206 during March 19-22, 2020. QRV on HF bands, CW/FT8/SSB. Focus on EU and low power NA stations. QSL via H/c, Club Log OQRS.


A New Year has dawned. As always, similar to just about every website the world over, maintenance and hosting costs occur. It seems every year these costs grow as traffic volumes grow;...

9M2SAF/P – Pulau Lalang Perak, AS-072

Safri, 9M2SAF announces he will be active from Pulau Lalang Perak AS-072 during January 21-27, 2020. This will be his first IOTA activity. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/Digi. QSL via H/c (direct).

[QRT] E44RU – Palestine

JANUARY 9 @ 03:30Z - Today, with the help of friends and colleagues from Israel, as well as materials from the market and local garage, the team were able to put up...

ZC4UW – UK Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus

A group from Cambridge University Wireless Society will be QRV from the UK Sovereign Base Area on Cyprus as ZC4UW from 2-7 January with a maximum of 4 stations. Ops are likely to include...

EX0DX – Kyrgyzstan

Andrea, HB9DUR will be active from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan as EX0DX during December 27, 2019 to January 11, 2020. QRV on HF bands when time permits.

8Q7BS – Maldives

Sergey, RX3AMY will be active from Mahibadhoo and Maafushi, Maldives as 8Q7BS during January 3-23, 2020. QRV on 20 & 40m; SSB. Possibly some CW too.

JD1BMH – Ogasawara

Harry, JG7PSJ will again be active as JD1BMH from Ogasawara between December 22, 2019 ro January 3, 2020. QRV on 80-10m CW, SSB & RTTY. Updates on twitter and JD1BMH webpage.

8Q7MA – Maldives

Roman, RN5M informs DX-World that he arrived Ari Villa, Mathiveri island yesterday. He had to wait until his license was officially issued and now he's active as 8Q7MA until December 24, 2019. QRV on...

[REMINDER] 8Q7XY – Maldives

OCTOBER 22, 2019 - Fabien, DF3XY will be active from the Maldives as 8Q7XY during December 10-23, 2019. QRV on 40-10m; FT8 & SSB.

4K6/TA7AOF – Azerbaijan

Furkan, TA7AOF will be active from Baku, Azerbaijan as 4K6/TA7AOF during February 7-12, 2020. Primary focus in the CQ WPX RTTY Contest. See for QSL info. ...

XV9F – Vietnam

Keith, G4FUF will soon be active from Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam as XV9F. He states "we are situated close to the Co Chien river with a clear horizon in all directions". Activity...

4S7DLG – Sri Lanka

Berndhard, DK7TF is returning to Sri Lanka and will again be QRV as 4S7DLG. QTH: Hikaduwa. QRV mostly on SSB and FT8 starting November 25th. QSL via M0OXO.

CQWW CW 2019

Good luck to all participants. A consolidated listing of stations taking part in the contest this weekend can be found here