Dear friends! Thank you for taking the time to help me and my family. I sincerely appreciate the time and the money you spent trying to help my family in need. Your support is very important for my family at this hard moment. Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support and donation. Best regards, de UR0MC Roman.

Dear friends,


I ask for your help. Until recently, I had my own house, my own business, travelled, went on DXpeditions (NH8S, ZK3A etc), built my own station UR0MC / UW2M / UZ2M.


All this was until the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now I have no home and no business. We left our house under shelling with absolutely nothing. I can’t find a proper job, I can’t feed my family. We’re living from hand to mouth. I kindly ask you to support me, if possible.


I just need a few months to get my feet under me. I and my big family will be very grateful for your support. Thanks a lot.


You can use my Paypal for help:


Thank you for any help,


73 de UR0MC Roman