Specifically stations in GD, GI, GJ, GU, GW

Below tweets from September 16th indicate that the DX-World Radio Club will soon be formed, and with that the chance to operate, initially, from UK DXCC entities using a special callsign (currently pending).

England and Scotland already have operators waiting patiently to activate the special call, hopefully by October 1, 2019.

The principle idea is to make this a worldwide DXCC participation format whereby, if possible, every country on the list (minus the really rare ones) gets a chance to operate a DX-World Radio Club special callsign for a month at a time.

Through time, once the format catches on, a website with prizes, logs, tables, operator participants etc will be created.

So, for the moment, I’m looking for interested operators and readers of DX-World resident in Guernsey, Northern Ireland, Wales, Jersey and Isle of Man to get in touch.