[NEWS UPDATE] – Team C5C will again be active from Gambia during February 16 to March 13, 2023. Ops: F5RAV, F5NVF, M0NPT. QRV on HF Bands and possibly QO-100 satellite. See pictures below of previous activities.

[MAY 25, 2022] – Credit C5C team for the pictures of their latest DXpedition to The Gambia. 

MAY 20C5C will again be on air from May 22 to June 7, 2022. Team will be M0NPT Abdel, F5NVF Gerard & F5RAV Luc. They also hope to be active from Bijol island as C5B sometime during this period. See comment below.

NOVEMBER 27, 2021 @ 10:00Z – Due to equipment failure, the trip of C5C and C5B Dxpedition is over! Almost 14000 QSOs, free LoTW updates and eQSL all OK. Direct QSL via F5RAV. Gerard, F5NVF is taking down antennas! Best 73 – F4AHV, M0NPT, F5NVF and F5RAV. See you soon in 2022!

NOVEMBER 9 – Luc, F5RAV mentions there’s a desperate lack of gasoline in The Gambia. They need gas for the generator, but with none available they are looking for car batteries to use. It might very soon they will be running QRP with the IC-705.  

NOVEMBER 4 Gerard F5NVF will stay until November 30th, keeping C5C active mostly on CW & FT8.  

OCTOBER 31 – Here’s C5C working the CQWW SSB contest:

OCTOBER 26 – Building up more antennas at C5C.

OCTOBER 24 – C5C will soon start on QO100 & HF. Note, only one transceiver in action during the first week of activity. [see more

OCTOBER 23 – Here’s F5NVF & M0NPT on the way to Banjul for the C5C DXpedition via Barcelona.

OCTOBER 20 – Early reminder this DXpedition begins on October 24. The team will now also be QRV on QO100 on SSB/CW, and when running FT8/FT4 they will be using normal mode, not F&H. Jean-Francois (ex-6W7RV) joined the C5C team.

AUGUST 27 – Luc F5RAV informs DX-World that Gerard, F5NVF will be active from The Gambia as C5C during October 24 to November 19, 2021. QRV on CW & SSB; 40-10m.  He will be joined by M0NPT & F5RAV (October 28 to November 5) who plan activity on all bands, all modes; possibly QO100 too. 

NOTE: All of this activity could be cancelled depending on Covid situation in The Gambia.