[NEWS UPDATE] – Phil, FK1TS updates that things seem to be on track for the next C21TS activity sometime in July. He mentions if all goes well this trip will be for an extended period, ie for months. There’s still a lot of unknowns around where he will be staying but Phil learnt a lot last time, so wherever the QTH will be is still thinks at least 6m & 10m will be used. He’s taking two radios, three power supplies and an assortment of wire antennas.

[MARCH 28] – Thanks to Phil, here’s a photo gallery of his trip to Nauru.

[MARCH 26] – Before leaving Nauru, Phil made a little video of his activity while 10m was open.

Unfortunately I got stuck in a really bad location and couldn’t get a sea facing room with easy access to the roof or for running wire antennas. So had to make do with what I had.


Time to pack up. Will update next week if I am coming back or not to Nauru. 1100 QSOs in the log from 1.5 days of operating.


Having issues getting an antenna up at current QTH and when I got something simple up there was a lot of noise from led lights and solar is everywhere. Could hardly hear anything. Hoping for at least 10 meters today or tomorrow. Have also been scoping sites for others. Heard ZL1RS on 6m with antenna inside.


It took some time to get everything sorted to visit Nauru and at the moment they are in the middle of a big COVID outbreak, so what I can and can’t do remains somewhat fluid. I’m staying at the only hotel that answered my emails and I don’t know what I will be able to put up antenna wise. Will see when I get there but will take a few options with me, mostly end-fed. I am only taking this time around my FT-891 barefoot and a trusty HP laptop. With a PowerWerx PSU. I have my LoTW certificate for C21TS but nothing is going to happen until I return home. At this stage no plans to use Club Log this time around. Look for me on Sunday the 19th on high bands with some luck.


I will be in Nauru from March 18th the 24th 2023. So 6 days on the ground. There is a lot of unknowns but I will have my FT-891 plus my trusty HyEnd Endfed with 22m wire and will take 44 metre wire also. And just in case all else fails a 6m /10m mobile whip with mag base. Worst case scenario I might pop up on 6m and 10m only. Am hoping I can string up some wire though. I will find some way to get updates – probably via a Facebook page or whatever works from there – as internet is a bit of an unknown at this stage. This will be FT8 only, don’t ask for SSB or CW. No skeds. I will be using MSHV on secondaries in multi stream mode. If all goes well I will be moving to Nauru for an extended period, as in more than 1 year some time after June this year.