A large group consisting of BD4DYH, BD4CB, BD4CD, BD4CQ, BD4AOU, BD4GNV, BG4FRZ, BH4AYG, BH4BKF, BH4BUI, BH4CAC, BH4CNN, OH7WV, DF9LJ and some others will be QRV from Hengsha Island AS-136 from 30 July – 1 August on 160-10m using SSB, CW and DIGI. This will include a Multi 2 entry in the 2016 RSBG IOTA contest as BY4AE. QSL via BD4DYH. Before and after contest, they will be signing B4/homecall. QSL’s via Homecalls. 2 stations will be QRV using amps. They will use Loops and Verticals, and low band RX ANT.