NEWS UPDATE – Many will know that a planned expedition to Bouvet by 3Z9DX and others has, for the moment, been put on hold. While DX-World initially broke the news (below) about “strong rumours” of a Bouvet activity in 2017, we have since remained pretty quiet while others have continually published info about 3Y0G without much substance.

Today, the following quote is taken from eHam where 3Z9DX recently left a message. For the greater audience, we repost here:

3Y0 project didn’t die! and is still valid. I need 3 more people (6 people team) ready and willing to go for up to 7 weeks. Who not ask milion questions, who is just ready to go.
My project needs no helicopter, needs no sherpas, no cooks, no host, drink bars or a heater in the toilet. I went to Bouvet in 2001 with no radio and I know what I’m dealing with!
My trip budget is  1/10th of 3Y0Z budget and will be split by 6 operators. Trip will be made by Southern Oceans expedition boat.

Furthermore, an email received from the Norwegian Polar Institute was recently posted on the IOTAchasers forum:

You ask for information on expeditions to Bouvetøya in 2017. I therefore give you a list of expeditions we have knowledge of for season 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. 

This austral summer we have issued permits to land with helicopter at Bouvetøya to a Swiss-led research expedition, which is going there for a few days in March. We have also been contacted by a radio amateur who had plans for an expedition to Bouvetøya this season. The plans for this group did not include helicopter landings, so they did not need any permits and we do not know if their plans were developed further or carried out. 

For the 2017/2018 season we have issued permits to land with helicopter on Bouvetøya to two groups of radio amateurs. The Norwegian Polar Institute is also planning an expedition in this season to conduct monitoring at Nyrøysa. 

See information on the regulations for Bouvetøya Nature Reserve here: 

Kristin Storvik 
Senior Legal Adviser 
Enviromental management section 
Norwegian Polar Institute 
Fram Centre 
NO-9296 Tromsø 

Phone: +47 77 75 06 43

December 6, 2016 – Continuing and strong rumours persist that a team will be active from Bouvet in 2017. This group requests no further info is published for the moment but full update will be forthcoming. They also stress they are not looking for donations or sponsorship. QRX for more..