NEWS UPDATE – Zhao, BD7IHN informs DX-World that he has designed the QSL card for recent AS-094 activity. It will be ready later this week (preview below). The log of B7/BD7IHN has been uploaded to here

AUGUST 13 – Zhao BD7IHN updates that he has now moved QTH to Wen Chang, Hai Nan. He has set up an antenna in a forest and can copy good signals from EU. He will QRT in the morning of Tuesday Aug 15th.

AUGUST 1, 2017 — Zhao, BD7IHN informs DX-World that he will be active starting August 4th from Hainan Island AS-094 as B7/BD7IHN. QRV mainly on CW, 100w, dipole. QSL via H/c. Currently, Zhao is unsure when he will leave the island.