It’s a quiet time for DX, so a little dig into the archives.

This video hasn’t been seen very often. It shows, carrying a load of equipment & generator, how it became more difficult than imagined trying to land Baiyah Island (never before activated IOTA at the time) off the coast of Greenville, Liberia. There was no natural landing stage. Attempts to land were made from traditional African-style canoes, but proved fruitless let alone dangerous. 

5L3BI Team: Jeremy EI5GM, Richmond EL2BG, Dickson EL2DT, Col MM0NDX. The video was taken on October 31, 2017.

Thankfully, one year later a new attempt at activating AF-111 was achieved – this time further south off the coast of Sasstown from an island called Telengbe. Perseverance does pay off ! No more trips to Liberia are planned !

73 Col MM0NDX