NEWS – Deepak, VU2CDP updates on issues the AT5RP team had last week:

I managed to speak with Arasu VU2UR today. He said condx, both living as well propagationally, weren’t the best. Getting regular meals was a problem. Lot of rain last 2 days with high QRN and static build up which kept them off air. SSB was a near washout and only the cw stn managed some QSOs. Definitely a case for revisiting, with better planning and arrangements. Maybe next year!

Pamban_IslandOperators VU2GGM, VU2JHM, VU2LU, VU2LX and VU2UR plan activity from Pamban Island AS-173 between August 14-17, 2014.

QRV as AT5RP on HF bands, CW & SSB.

QSL info via info.